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The Palm Springs Open

Philips CDI Game The Palm Springs Open

Play 18 of the World's most famous and challenging holes.

For the first time you control live golfers on live courses. Select your club, position your golfer, control the power, hook and slice of your swing.

Featuring an amazing sound track. On every shot, two play-by-play announcers won't let you forget how you're doing.

Not an animation. This is real footage of some of the most famous holes in the world - and you're there.

Real picture, real play, real fun. Traps the size of the Sahara, countless water hazards, Scottish mounds, rock quarries - just another day in a golfer's paradise.

It's as real as the game itself.

For 1 to 4 players.

Produced by Fathom Pictures, Inc. in association with
Philips Interactive Media of America.