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Sargon Chess

Philips CDI Sargon Chess

SARGON was the warlord who ruled the ancient world. Patient, cunning, a mster strategist ... now SARGON has inspired this first CD-i chess program, to challenge, coach, and entertain you.
For newcomers to chess: Select one of the easier modes from SARGON'S 16 levels. Or use the special "Novice" level. SARGON has helpful learning features that let you take back moves, ask for a hint, or change sides at any time.
For experienced players: Select from the upper range of SARGON'S levels and you encounter the most advanced chess algorithm available today. SARGON will stretch you, develop your skills, and provide you with a worthy opponent no matter how expert you are.

* Library of over 145,000 moves leading to 68,000 unique positions
* 16 levels of play
* Special teaching features
* On-screen chess clock
* Set your own chess problems for SARGON to solve
* Stunning 3D perspective with 3 distinct chess sets

Produced by Spinnaker Software Corp.
in association with Philips Interactive Media