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Rise Of The Robots

Philips CDI Game Rise Of The Robots

Rise throws you into a future world where technology has developed out of control. You have chosen to fight your way through the Electrocorp plant to face The Supervisor. Only then will the future of the human race be assured.

Rise takes you into a future world, highly industrialised, where technologies have developed and crashed together to create the supreme super-tech society. Over the centuries of technological progress leading to Rise's time-setting, the planet has paid a heavy price. Life is only sustainable in the huge city states that constitute civilisation, the land and oceans beyond have been plundered for raw materials and are irretrievably polluted.
Now, all life support: food, water and breathable air is manufactured in the population centres. A ruling politico-military class controls the production of these resources and manipulates the human underclasses accordingly. Internal social disorder is commonplace, both military and trade wars between city states are regularly instituted as a means of population control.

The servants of this society are the robots. The city state Metropolis 4, the setting for Rise, is the home of Electrocorp, the planet's major robot manufacturer. Electrocorp produce a huge range of machines for all possible applications ranging from crude industrial droids right up to highly sophisticated military and bio-simulatory models. The Electrocorp manufacturing complex is entirely run by droids, managed day to day by the ultimate in robot technology, the polymorphic Supervisor class droid. The Supervisor is unique and has succesfully run the Electrocorp plant for several months, that is, until she becomes infected by a highly pernicious computer Ego-Virus which corrupts her behavioural programming, creating a vicious psychotic personality.

The only way to stop the Supervisor as she proceeds to take over the factory and re-program it's robot-workers, is to send in a human-based Cyborg to seek out and destroy her. You, the player, are the Cyborg. You have been chosen for this task, you will cause minimum damage to the immensely valuable Electrocorp plant, you will cause maximum damage to any droid which may try to hinder you in your mission, you must locate the Supervisor and terminate her activities.

This disc requires a CD-I Digital Video Cartridge.

Produced by Mirage Technologies Multimedia Ltd.
Distributed by Philips Interactive Media.