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Power Hitter

Philips CDI Power Hitter

It's just you against baseball's great pitchers. Your hands tighten around the bat. He winds. The ball screams towards the plate. You swing, and the crack of the bat signals a hard grounder through the infield. It's a hit!

ABC SPORTS PRESENTS: POWER HITTER offers you the ultimate baseball challenge. Set your line-up from your roster of players. Plan your strategy and make onfield decisions. Your base-runner can take a lead or dive back to the back! Call a double steal or a suicide squeeze. The play by play announcer comments on your every move. You're in the game and you're on the field.

ABC SPORTS PRESENTS: POWER HITTER. Now for the first time, you become part of baseball. It's as real as the game itself.

Produced by Fathom Pictures, Inc. in association with
Philips Interactive Media of America.