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Philips CDI Game Pinball

See an entire pinball arcade with flashing lights, full digital sound effects and challenging playing fields materialize before your eyes.

The robotic CYBER combines fast action with a complicating factor: a magnet pops up from the robot's chest. Try to launch the ball from the magnet for higher scores.

Enter the fray of World War I in DOG FIGHT. Your mission is to shoot Fokkers and other planes as you traverse the war-torn countryside. Your flippers have gas tanks on them, so don't use them carelessly!

SPRING BREAK is filled with beach babes, surfer dudes and major wave action. Try to spell the words "spring break" by hitting the beach balls. Once you do, take a trip into the local cafe for bonus scores.

MELTDOWN is totally nuclear! It's you mission to set the control rods so you can get into the reactor core for full linear acceleration. Are you adept enough to do it?

Ages 8 to adult.

Produced by Capitol Disc Interactive Corporation in association with
Philips Interactive Media of America.