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Dragon's Lair

Philips CDI Game Dragon's Lair

Don Bluth, the creator of Space Ace, has outdone himself in this awesome animated adventure that hurls you into the middle of a world you've never seen - and might never escape!

You are Dirk the Daring, trying to resque the lovely Princess Daphne from the evil Wizard Mordroc's spooky castle. Mordroc has more than a few twisted tricks up his sleeve, like tilting tiles, gobbling goblins, and a surplus of slime. His line-up of heinous henchmen include the Acid Creature and the Robot Knight - two nasty characters - and a fire-breathing dragon named Singe, whose welcome may be a bit too warm.

The heat is on - Don Bluth style.
Enter the Lair...if you dare!

- Full cel, motion picture style animation

- Exclusive high-end CD-I digital video and audio

This disc requires a CD-I Digital Video Cartridge.

Published by Philips Interactive Media
Produced by Super Home Entertainment Store in association with ICDI