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Cluedo The Mysteries Continue

Philips CDI Game Cluedo The Mysteries Continue

The World's Greatest Detective Game

Discover what really happened at Arlington Hall, the famous Cluedo Masion. Why was Mr. Boddy murdered? Who had the motive..... and the opportunity? Where is the weapon hidden?

Watch the drama unfold on the film as you witness the events of that fateful weekend. Question the suspects, and explore the house for hidden evidence. Compete with your family and friends to see which of you is the true master sleuth!

High suspense murder mystery stories feature: The Road to Damascus, Not In My Backyard and Blackmail!


Terence Harvey as the Butler
David Healy as Professor Plum
Angus Macinnes as Mr. Boddy
Stewart Milligan as Mr. Green
Joan Sims as Mrs. White
John Standing as Colonel Mustard
Nicola van Dam as Miss Scarlet
Susan Wooldridge as Mrs. Peacock

A game for 1-6 players with numerous endings!

This disc reuires a CD-I Digital Video Cartridge.

Produced by 3T Productions LTD and financed by Multimedia Investments PLC in association with Waddingtons Games Ltd and Parker Brothers.

Produced by DIMA.
Published by Philips Media.