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Christmas Country

Philips CDI Game Christmas Country

Ho, ho, ho.
What a game!!!

Finally, a platform game for CD-I with lot's of enemies. Play and explore the exciting, long lasting, fun filled, 16 levels of Christmas Country.

First the bad news; the king of the bad elves stole Santa's list of naughty children, (in order to enlist them for his bad elves' army). Santa broke his leg trying to stop him. The Good news; the list was torn into five pieces during the fight and that evil fiend only got away with one part. You, in the role of Santa's good elves, must find the missing pieces before they do. Ane while you're at it, free those kidnapped children from the kings lair.
Hurry because it's almost Christmas night. So collect the presents on the way and deliver them.

In Christmas Country, you can render some of the enemies harmless by jumping on them.

Use your elf powers in order to run. Some walls will even disappear when you run into them at topspeed.

This disc requires a CD-I Digital Video Cartridge.

Produced by Creative Media.