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Philips CDI Game Caricature

Prepare yourself for hours of fun and facial mayhem with Caricature.
With a few simple clicks on the CD-I controller you can distort, disfigure or improve some very famous faces from a library of over 100 photos on this disc. Included amongst these are royalty, politicians, sportsmen and women, and celebrities. As an added bonus, some photographs hold a short video clip of your chosen personalities as realised by Spitting Image.

Even better, by using a Photo CD disc, you can create caricatures of your own family, friends, enemies or pets.

With the help of Spitting Image, you can explore the realms of caricature from its 18th century origins through to the present day. Learn the background behind Spitting Image and acquire some tips on the techniques of caricaturing, followed by a demonstration.

With this dics anyone can create expert caricatures - of almost anyone else - in next to no time at all.

Produced by Freeland Studios,
Philips Interactive Media Systems.